Wine tasting near Riverbend Rv Park Sanger

Did you know that California boasts about 270 days of sunshine?

That means if you are planning your Rv trip this summer to visit Central California, the national parks and all the other great attractions that the state has to offer, you do not need to worry about the rain. While the temperatures in Central California and most California Rv Parks might reach the triple digits on occasion in the summertime, we have a lot of mature trees in our park that provide ample shade.

Some scientific studies have shown that trees can cool daytime summer temperatures by as much as 10°F.  We also would like to point out that our Rv Park is located directly on the Kings River and we also have a beautiful creek running throughout our property.  When accompanied by the frequent breeze that we experience most days, there is a “lake-breeze” effect created, which brings cooler temperatures as well.

If you are planning to visit Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks or just want to go camping or take a little getaway trip, and researching a place to stay a night or longer at one of the California Rv Parks, please consider stopping by and checking out our Rv Park!